Good morning Amsterdam – Late breakfast at Metropolitain

by Sanne
Metropolitain, Amsterdam

The last day in Amsterdam, we got up early and went for a morning walk in the city. We had planned to visit The Anne Frank House, but the line outside was very long, so we skipped that idea. Instead we went for late breakfast at Metropolitain, which is a cute little café in the De Wallen area.

We got a table outside and ordered pancakes and Eggs Benedict with salmon. The pancakes looked Insta-perfect and tasted delicious. The Eggs Benedict wasn’t bad either, and came with plenty of salmon.

After Metropolitain, we decided to get some shopping done. I was surprised to see how cheap everything was in Amsterdam compared to Dubai, and I liked the selection of brands in the stores. I was looking for a pink bomber jacket like the one Vivian is wearing here, but I could only find the exact same, as the one she’s wearing. I didn’t want to be a blogger-stalker, so I didn’t buy it. In fact, I didn’t buy anything. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but if I decide to go shopping, and assign both time and money for it, I often end up empty-handed.

Poul didn’t suffer from shopper’s block. He bought a really nice biker-style jacket (he calls it his robot jacket) and a Star Wars T-shirt. If that KitchenAid Nespresso we saw, hadn’t been so heavy, he probably would have bought that one too.

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Metropolitain, Rokin 81, 1012 KL Amsterdam

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