Amsterdam: Lunch at Vinnies

by Sanne
Vinnie's, Amsterdam

Everything worked out, so I’m in Amsterdam with Poul now. Yesterday, we took the airport train to the central station. It was only a 20-minutes ride, and I think we paid around 10EUR for both of us in total. If you go, remember to keep your ticket as you’ll need it to check in and later check out.

From the station we walked down to our hotel at Rembrandtplein (Rembrandt Square). On our way we stopped at Vinnies, which is a cozy little café that Vivian had recommended me to try. I don’t believe in astrology or fortune telling, but when it comes to a trip’s first meal I’m rather superstitious. To me, the first meal in a new city determines what the rest of the trip would be like, so I’m always very picky, and try to avoid McDonald’s within the first 24 hours:) Vivian has an excellent sense of style, so I figured that if her taste in restaurants were only half as nice as her taste in clothes, we would be in safe hands. I was right, and Vinnies turned out to be a very nice place. Thank you Vivian!

Poul had poached eggs on a delicious homemade brioche, and I had the avocado and cottage cheese sandwich. I don’t remember having seen the avo/cottage cheese combo anywhere else, but it’s definitely a win. We also ordered salmon on the side, which was only 1 EUR extra and made a good meal even better.

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Vinnies, Haarlemmerstraat 46 HS, 1013 ES Amsterdam

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