Amsterdam: Around Rembrandtplein and De Wallen

by Sanne
Amsterdam bicycles on a bridge

Amsterdam is a wonderful city, and the few days we spent there just flew away. Poul and I have very different preferences, when it comes to hotel rooms. He has never stayed at a hostel in his entire life, and his worst nightmare would be to go on a backpacking trip. 

He needs amenities such as bathrobes, slippers and a minibar, stuff that I would refer to as unnecessary luxury. In Amsterdam, I was in charge of the hotel booking, so I booked a very cheap, but centrally located hotel. Poul wasn’t very happy with it initially, but the only time we were in our room, was when we were sleeping. Splurging on a hotel room, would have been a waste of money, don’t you think?

Amsterdam reminded me a lot about Copenhagen, especially all the bikes in the streets. Compared to Copenhagen, the bicycles actually made more sense in Amsterdam, because navigating a car down those narrow street must be very difficult. In Copenhagen you sometimes get the feeling that the cyclists are only there to annoy the motorists and scare the pedestrians:)

Even at night, Amsterdam felt very safe, and after dinner, Poul and I went for a long walk from Rembrandtplein to the red light district De Wallen and back again. I’m always a bit torn regarding red light districts. Especially the ones like De Wallen in Amsterdam, which double as a family friendly dining and entertainment area. No doubt it’s a cozy place to stroll around, but I don’t think this way of normalizing the sex trade industry feels right. Maybe it’s just me being prissy.

The coffee shops were everywhere in Amsterdam, and everybody seemed to be smoking. Our hotel was at Rembrandtplein, and every evening, the square transformed into one big cloud of weed smoke. At a point, Poul and I started wondering to what extent the fumes would stick to our clothes. We were heading to Dubai after Amsterdam, and we got worried that all that marihuana smoke exposure would get us into trouble at the airport in Dubai. Luckily, it didn’t.

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