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Recipe: Baked Avocado with Bacon – Joe Wicks

Baked avocado with bacon, Joe Wicks

Good morning! How’s your weekend so far? Upon our New York trip, Poul and I are trying to slim down. New York is full of good food, so as a precautionary measure, we want to lose a few kilos before we go, because we know we’ll inevitably gain weight over there.

Poul really likes Joe Wicks and his easy-to-make recipes, and he had seen a recipe with bacon and eggs baked in avocado in the Lean in 15 cookbook. It didn’t sound super healthy, but it looked quite amazing, so we decided to give it a try. Avocado and bacon, what’s not to love?

The recipe is really easy. You just cut the avocados in halves, remove the seed and place an egg there instead. In the cookbook it says that you can cook it in the microwave oven, but I think oven-baked avocados taste better, as they get this nutty, creamy flavor. 10-15 minutes at 200°C will do.

Choose big avocados. The small ones we used couldn’t hold an entire egg. If you use small avocados, then scoop out a bigger hole, so the egg will fit.  While the avo-eggs are in the oven, you prepare the bacon and chop some chili. Ta-da!

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