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Breakfast at Baker & Spice – Best pancakes in Dubai Marina

by Sanne
Baker & Spice, Dubai Marina

Last Friday we got up late and headed over to Bistro des Arts to have brunch, but the Bistro was fully booked with people waiting outside for a table, so we ended up at Baker & Spice instead.

Baker & Spice is also a nice place for breakfast and brunch, but I do not come there very often. They are located on a rather dead stretch of the Marina on the other side from where we live, and they are quite expensive. At Bistro des Arts you get an amazing European-style brunch for 99AED on Fridays and Saturdays, while at Baker & Spice you would pay around the same for just one breakfast dish and a smoothie.

Though I love the pancakes at Baker & Spice, and I would dare to claim that they are the best pancakes in Dubai Marina. They are slightly crispy at the outside but soft and fluffy inside without that doughy texture that many American-style pancakes have.

The Eggs Benedict at Baker & Spice are also really nice, and (depending on who you ask:)) you can choose between either two or three eggs. The eggs are small organic ones, so I think most people would need three eggs to get full. Their smoothies are delicious, but expensive, so we had the fresh juice of the day, which was cheaper. Out of principle, I don’t want to spend more than 100AED on breakfast in Dubai, so we skipped coffee and bought a slice of carrot cake instead, to eat later back home.

As strange as it may sound, I was happy to see that Bistro des Arts was fully booked. Competition in Dubai is fierce, and places are closing down all the time after only a year or two in business. I am always worried that my favorite places will close, so a fully booked brunch is therefore good news, as it is a sign that Bistro des Arts is here to stay:)

Baker & Spice, Marina Promenade, Dubai Marina, Dubai

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