Bye bye Vegas – Hello LA

by Sanne
Road trip Las vegas to Los Angeles

After a wonderful time in Vegas, we’ve now pulled up the stakes and after a long, but smooth drive, we’re now in Los Angeles. We had rented a nice blue Ford Focus (the smallest car they had) from Dollar Rent-a-car for around $ 200 a week.

We left Las Vegas at noon and after a 5 hour drive we could park the car in front of a motel called Budget Inn (yes, the name speaks for itself) on Sunset Boulevard.

There was a sign outside with “Armed Patrol” and the entrance looked a bit dodgy, so Trine gave me that “are we really staying here” look, when we arrived. Though we were pleasantly surprised, when we got to our, room which was nice and clean with functioning a / c. There is also a fridge, so we have bought some water and cola as well as complimentary snacks and breakfast items, so I guess it could have been much worse..

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