Copenhagen: Another night at Sticks & Sushi Tivoli Hotel

by Sanne
Sticks & Sushi, Tivoli Hotel, Copenhagen

Sticks & Sushi never fails to impress and when it comes to playful takes on Japanese fusions, I don’t think you’ll find any better place in Copenhagen. They aren’t afraid of picking and mixing, which often results in very tasty creations of light bites, which are perfect for sharing with friends.

There are several Sticks & Sushi restaurants in Copenhagen, and they all serve the same menu, but I think the one in Tivoli Hotel is the best. Sticks & Sushi is located on the 12th floor in Tivoli Hotel, so if you get a table by the windows, you’ll have a nice view of the city too.

For a long time, Sticks & Sushi has been the Flying Foodie Club’s (Line, Maria and me) go-to place for cocktails and chit chat, and this Friday, it was time for another meet-up. We started out with salmon tartar, a bowl of edamame beans with spicy miso sauce and lettuce wraps, everything very delicious. We continued with scallops and lamb sticks, crispy ebi bites and inside out rolls, which was also very good, before we finally got to dessert. I chose the raspberry and licorice ice cream, which was amazing and the perfect way to end the meal. Unfortunately, I had to leave rather early, but trust me, I’ll be back soon..

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