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Copenhagen: Nose2tail in Kødbyen

by Sanne
Nose2Tail, Copenhagen

I hadn’t seen Tina since our trip to New York in December, so I was starting to miss her dry sense of humor and her sarcastic remarks. When she announced her arrival in Copenhagen yesterday, of course we had to meet.

We made a table reservation at Nose2Tail in Meatpacking District, which I for unknown reasons, haven’t visited for months. I’ve always liked Copenhagen’s very own Meatpacking District, in which a lot of actual meatpacking is still taking place side by side some of the city’s trendiest nightlife spots and restaurants.

Sustainability often triggers associations to dull-brown bean soups and other hippie food that any person with normally developed taste buds would hesitate classifying as suitable for human consumption, but yesterday, Nose2Tail proved that there’s a lot more to the concept.

At Nose2Tail, the entire animal, which is of course free-range and organic, is used, so we were curious to see if the menu would also contain pork snouts and testicles, but luckily, the items on the menu turned out to be rather harmless. There were 3 main courses to choose among: Today’s Animal (a dish with meat), Today’s Fish (a dish with fish) and Today’s Guts (a dish with guts), as well as a platter with different charcuterie.

Tina went for the meat dish and I took the charcuterie selection, and even though we were both tempted by the 10kr. Fernet Branca shots, we decided to stick to a glass of red wine and an organic wheat beer from the microbrewery Herslev Bryghus.

Tina’s animal was a free-range pork from Grambogård with lots of delicious garniture and my selection of charcuterie contained both tasty and surprising elements. I’m still not sure whether my favorite that evening was the homemade butter, the beef tartar or the lamb rillettes, but no matter what, my conclusion stays the same: Nose2Tail is a really nice place with really nice food. Happy animals just taste better, -It’s simple and it’s brilliant. Copenhagen, more of this, please!

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Nose2Tail, Kødbyen, Flæsketorvet 13, 1711 København

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