Dubai: A night in the desert

by Sanne
Dubai desert

Most of Dubai is desert, and ever since we moved here, we have felt obliged to take a closer look at what is going on outside our air-conditioned bubble. Neither Poul nor I are very much into outdoor activities, but this Monday, we finally got away on an overnight desert safari.

Home and safe we can now look back at some pretty amazing experiences, including camel spotting, wild rides in the sand dunes and shisha in the sunset.

We were the only ones who had booked the overnight experience in the desert camp, which set the stage for the evenings program, so when all the other visitors left, we were provided with sleeping bags and a flash light and told that we could sleep wherever we wanted.

In the morning we were woken up by birdsong and…..raindrops! It started raining so much that we had to have our breakfast inside one of the tents. Rather surreal.

Regarding creepy animals, we did not see anything except for some very large ants and a huge black beetle. The really creepy guys (such as spiders and scorpions), were kind enough to stay away.

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