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Dubai: A night with friends and wings from Wingstop

Takeout from Wingstop, Dubai

The other day, Poul and I were invited over for dinner at Pia’s place, and she had ordered chicken wings from Wingstop, which is an American chain specializing in chicken wings. I had never tried Wingstop before, but Pia’s daughter had talked very warmly about Wingstop the last time I saw her, so I was really excited to try them.

The chicken wings were, and it was definitely the marinade that did it. My favorite flavor was Mango Habanero, which everybody seems to love, closely followed by the super-spicy Atomic, which was so hot that Poul had to spit out the first bite he took, because his mouth was burning.

It was a really nice evening, and so convenient to be able to walk back and forth. We left rather early because I go to bed really early these days and struggle to stay awake after 10pm. Instead I get up at 5:30am which is great down here, but which might be a problem next week, when I travel back to Denmark, where 5:30am Dubai time is 3:30am Danish time:)

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