Dinner at Abd El Wahab – Lebanese restaurant in Dubai Marina

by Sanne
Abd El Wahab, Pier 7, Dubai

A rough estimate is that more than 200 different nationalities currently live in Dubai, so if you are just as crazy about food as I am, and you are eager to try out different cuisines, Dubai offers an excellent opportunity to travel around the world in culinary terms.

I have previously written about my recent infatuation with the Filipino cuisine, but Lebanon is another country that I have developed a serious crush on. Two of the best-located restaurants in Dubai Marina are Lebanese, and they are therefore obvious places to go, when you want to give your visitors a memorable evening. One of the restaurants, Reem Al Bawadi, is located right in the sweet spot down at the Marina Walk.

The second restaurant is newly opened Abd El Wahab The Fisherman, located in Pier 7 at Marina Mall. Pier 7 is a remarkable round building and it’s actually standing in the water, so from Abd El Wahad’s location on the 5th floor, you have great views of the Marina, no matter where you are seated.

There are a couple of other Abd El Wahab restaurants in Dubai, but the others mainly serve traditional mezze, while Abd El Wahab The Fisherman also offers various fish dishes.

I was there a few weeks ago with Regitze and some of her friends from Dubai. Rather than commit ourselves to each our main dish, we ordered a selection of mezze to share. In addition to safe bets such as hummus, tabouleh and moutabel, we also chose a couple of dishes, which none of us had tried before. One of the best of them was hummus fatteh, which is chickpeas covered in a warm yogurt sauce with fried bread strips on top. It was incredibly tasty and one of those dishes that you make sure you write down the name of.

I love fried squid, as long as it’s not those tiny ones with curly legs that you eat in one bite, so when the waiter ensured us that it was big pieces of squid (no curly legs), we also ordered that. The others didn’t really share my enthusiasm about this multi-legged delicacy, so I didn’t have to share.

Abd El Wahab also serves alcohol, so we ordered a beer along with our food. We went for the “Mexican Style” and had our beer served in a salt-rimmed with squeezed lime added. Nice feature!

Pier 7 is also where you find Fümé, which is one of my old favorites in Dubai Marina

Abd El Wahab, Pier 7, Dubai Marina, Dubai

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