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Dubai: Arab Fashion Week 2017

Marchesa, Arab Fashion Week 2017

Arab Fashion Week is the official fashion week in the region. It takes place twice a year, and is focused on so-called Ready-Couture, which is the segment between Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture. I had a media pass for all 5 days, but I only went on the first day, as I was off to Denmark for the weekend.

My plan was to arrive just in time for the Mrhua Mrshua show, but for the first time ever, the traffic gods were on my side, and I was already at Meydan when the show before Mrhua Mrshua was about to begin.

I therefore got to see a really cool menswear collection from Barakat Bespoke and the creative director Jenanne Filat, which ended to the tunes of Swagga Like Us with Jay-Z, T.I., Kanye West and Lil Wayne. Awesome pick!

At most shows you’ll first see each garment piece presented individually, before all the models walk down the runway in a long line. Then the designer will do a quick round to receive the audience’s applause, and this is the part I like the best. It’s always funny to see if the designers dress. Some of them look exactly like you would expect them to, based on their collections, while others choose a more anonymous look, which is often all black. The Chinese designer Niuniu Zhou from Mrhua Mrshua definitely belonged to the first category. His collection was a psychedelic trip with quirky combinations of polka dots and piano keys, so it was no surprise, when he later appeared on the runway, wearing a cap with a giant flower and a golden jacket with a manga print.

The dresses from Abdo Aoudi, which was the show after Mrhua Mrshua, was of a more classic design, and the elegant robes in delicate pastel shades were timeless and with a distinct Arabic touch.

Marchesa finished off the evening with a blast. The show was amazing and the dresses were so beautiful. I could see each and every one of them in my wardrobe, except maybe for the blue strapless one. Hypothetically of course. Because even though ready-couture is cheaper than haute couture, we’re still talking about price tags well above my usual shopping budget.

Through the years, I’ve had the pleasure of attending quite a few fashion shows, and I must say that I’ve developed a taste for it. Not so much for fashion but more for the super-intense kind of theatre, which the shows often resemble. Months of hard work has been put into the shows, which typically only last a couple of minutes, and the air is dense with energy and creative dynamics. To me this is what makes fashion fascinating and highly addictive.



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