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Dubai: Authentic Angels – A floating Filipino restaurant

by Sanne
Authentic Angels, floating Filipino restaurant in Dubai

The other day I was talking with my massage therapist who is from the Philippines about where to find good Filipino food in Dubai, and she mentioned that there is a new floating restaurant, Authentic Angels, which is popular among Filipinos right now.

They do not have a website, but I found the owner’s Instagram profile, and she directed me to a WhatsApp account, where I could make a booking.

When we arrived, it looked like there was a private party going on, so I asked a lady from the staff if we were at the right spot. She assured us that this was indeed the floating restaurant, and mentioned that they were only serving Filipino food, were we ok with that? “Well, that’s why we came” I said, and asked where we could sit. We were told we could sit anywhere we liked, and then we were shown the buffet. Because of covid-19, the staff handles all the food, so you just point at the dishes you want to try, and they will serve it for you.

I skipped the tray with fish heads, but otherwise I tried a little of everything on display. It might not be the biggest, nor the most impressive buffet, but it is good, solid food, of the kind you want to eat on a boat, and what the buffet might lack in culinary terms, is fully made up for by the genuine, friendly atmosphere.

We started out at the upper deck, but a little later, the buffet was moved downstairs at the same floor as the karaoke, so if you wanted, you could sing a song while sitting at the table, enjoying your food. A Filipino restaurant. On a boat. With karaoke. That is just such a great concept, and if you are in the Creek area, you don’t want to miss this.  

Buffet highlights: The spring rolls and the pancit (warm noodle dish) were both very good. I also really liked the kinilaw (a kind of Filipino ceviche made with vinegar and ginger), but I am not sure it is a standard buffet dish or whether it was a special item that day.

Price: 49AED (+20AED if you want to go on the boat trip departing at 8:30pm. Only on Fridays). A really good deal for such a unique experience. A soda is 6AED, iced tea is 5AED and a big bottle of water is 10AED.

The boat is located next to the Hilton Canopy Hotel in the Al Seef area down by Dubai Creek. The boat has the word “Jannat” written with blue letters on the side.

WhatsApp: +971 504983750

Authentic Angels also has a non-floating location with a more diverse menu, and it is supposed to be a great place for seafood.

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