Dubai: Baker & Spice – New Menu Launch

by Sanne
Baker & Spice, Dubai

Earlier this week I was invited to come and taste the new menu at Baker & Spice down at Marina Promenade. Baker & Spice make the most delicious organic bread and they are also the ones behind Farmers’ Market on the Terrace, which is yet another reason to love those guys.

I’m not afraid of carbs, so I think I tried all the different kinds of bread available. My favorite from the new menu (though I’m not sure it’s a new item?) was the potato bread, which I dipped in the smooth and creamy homemade labneh

What I wasn’t aware of is that Baker & Spice is not just a bakery, but also a proper café with lots of tasty, non-bread food. I tried the lasagna with homemade pasta, which tasted surprisingly different and very tomato-ish compared to the “just-add-water” sachet version, which Poul uses to cook, when he’s in charge of dinner.

Everything was delicious, but that’s also what you would expect, when you mix good, organic ingredients with solid craftsmanship: It just shines through in the taste. I’ve tried their bread before at Farmers’ Market, and even though it’s pricey, I think it’s worth the extra dirhams. Poul and I don’t eat more than a loaf or two each week, so we’re happy to buy it from Baker & Spice, both because the bread is tasty but also because it feels good to know that we’re supporting a local business and not just another international chain.

Baker & Spice, Marina Promenade, Dubai Marina, Dubai