Dubai: Beach season and Jelly Bunny shoes

by Sanne

It’s beach season in Dubai and for a long time, I’ve been looking for shoes to wear by the pool or at the beach. I find it hard to walk in flip-flops, but I also don’t want to expose my non-beach shoes to sand and saltwater. When I was in Bangkok, I found these cute plastic ballerinas from a brand called Jelly Bunny.

I immediately fell in love with the golden, shimmery pair, which are perfect for Dubai’s fancy beach clubs, but I also got a pair in nude pink which was on sale and turned out to be really comfortable to wear. In fact, they’re so comfortable that I’ve started wearing them when I go grocery shopping or running small errands.

The giant sunhat is a gift from my Korean golf instructor. He thought I needed proper protection from the sun, and what’s better than a hat the size of a parasol?

I bought my Jelly Bunny shoes in the store in Siam Center, but they have shops all over Bangkok. You can see their new collection on the Jelly Bunny website but please be warned: There’s a really annoying pop-up window on the site.