Dubai: Birthday and Breakfast at Bistro des Arts

by Sanne
Breakfast at Bistro des Arts Dubai Marina

Today, it’s my birthday so we went to have breakfast at Bistro des Arts, which is my favorite place for breakfast in Dubai Marina. I love everything on their breakfast menu, from the foamy milk coffee to the delicious granola, which I am sure must be homemade. French radio is playing in the background, and the staff, and several of the regulars speak French, so it is easy to forget that you are in Dubai, and not at a cozy cafe in Paris.  They have several nice breakfast set menus to choose among, but I wish they would start selling the bread basket with jam and butter as a separate item, and not only as a part of a set menu (Le Riviera).

One of the things I am always looking forward to, when it is my birthday, is when friends and family send their birthday greetings on Facebook. I know it is silly, but it really means a lot, and it always makes me happy when old friends take their time to wish me happy birthday.

I forgot my phone when we went out for breakfast, but when I got home, I checked Facebook immediately, only to find out that I had not received a single greeting on my Facebook wall. I am not always very good at remembering my friends’ birthdays, so for a moment I thought it was bad birthday-greeting-karma, that had finally hit me, but then I realized that I had changed my settings on Facebook a while ago so nobody else than me could write on my wall…

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Bistro des Arts, Dubai Marina, Dubai

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