Dubai: Bla Bla Beach Club – Daytime Partying at JBR

by Sanne
Bla Bla Beach Club, JBR, Dubai

Earlier this year, much awaited Bla Bla finally opened its doors at the far-away end of JBR next to Sheraton. This part of JBR Beach also hosts a large playground and has traditionally drawn a crowd of toddlers + moms & dads, but with Bla Bla, there is reason to expect some changes in the demography. Bla Bla is an adults-only entertainment venue featuring 20 bars and 3 restaurants in addition to the giant beach club in the center of it all. JBR, get ready to party!

Together with C from LiloneoftheAshes, I went to have a closer look at Bla Bla and a couple of drinks in the afternoon sun. C had previously been to Bla Bla for breakfast, and she was talking warmly about the too-good-to-be-true 65AED breakfast deal, which, as far as I can see, is still on.

None of us had brought swim wear, so we found a nice table in the far corner close to the bar, but at a comfortable distance to the splashing action in the pool. The cocktails were standard beach club cocktails served in plastic glasses of the fancier kind, but the snacks we order (a hotdog and Crispy Rice Avocado) were better than I had expected. The guy who took care of our table was nice and friendly and checked on us regularly, even though our table was a bit off the beaten track.  

We arrived right when the Ladies’ Day was coming to an end, and most of the other guests had been partying for hours. The vibe at the beach club was very similar to your average Vegas day club, which is probably a good thing for the 20-somethings, but which I, to be honest, am starting to feel a little too old for.

Then who should visit Bla Bla Beach Club?

Bla Bla is no doubt a fun place for the party crowd looking for some daytime fun by the pool. There are some really good deals during the week, including the Miami Beats Ladies’ Day, which we happened to crash, on Tuesdays with free flow of drinks and snacks for ladies for 150AED.

Bla Bla Beach Club, The Beach JBR, Dubai

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