Blaze Burgers JBR – Vegetarian Burgers in Dubai

by Sanne
Blaze Burgers JBR, Dubai

The other day, I was invited to come by Blaze Burgers and try their new Vegetarian Theme. I’m not a vegetarian, but I’m trying to cut down on meat during the week, and if there’s a good vegetarian option on the menu, I would usually go for that one.

Blaze Burgers are from Bahrain and they’re mostly known for their fully customizable gourmet burgers. The JBR branch opened about half a year ago and judging from the number of guests around the tables outside at dinner time, they’re doing quite well.

You place your order at the counter, and then you proceed to the hot sauce bar, where you help yourself from the impressive selection of hot sauces, ketchup and mustard. Though this shouldn’t keep you from ordering dip sauce for your fries, because the dip sauces might be one of the best things that Blaze Burgers have brought to Dubai. You’ll get one for 5AED and 3 for 12AED and the servings are generous. Try the Awesomeness Sauce and the Jalapeño Mayo, they’re both safe bets that I think everybody would love.

Trine doesn’t do meatless meals, so she had the Blue & Crunchy burger with Australian wagyu, blue cheese and potato chips. It looked delicious and according to Trine, it tasted delicious too.

I had the Greek Halloumi Burger which is one of the best-looking vegetarian burgers I’ve seen around. The bun-to-filling ratio was just right, and the burger was juicy without being soggy. It wasn’t spicy but had lots of flavor from the fresh tomatoes and onions.

L went for the Allo Tikki sliders with tamarind and mint sauce. Aloo Tikki is an Indian potato snack and the patties were crispy and spicy, fun and delicious:)

The iced tea also deserves a mention. It was house made and not too sweet, but refreshingly fruity, and the glass was big enough to last throughout the meal.

In Dubai the restaurants have come a long way regarding vegetarian alternatives, but for some reason, the burger chains have been lagging behind, and except for the ‘Shroom burger at Shake Shack I haven’t seen a lot of good meatless options around. The vegetarian theme at Blaze Burger will be on the menu until Ramadan, but I told the manager that I hoped they would stay even longer.

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