Dubai: Bling-bling in the Gold Souk

by Sanne
The Souq in Deira, Dubai

Yesterday we started out in Mall of the Emirates, where we had lunch with a view to the indoor ski slope. Afterwards, we visited the Gold Souk, which is in the old part of Dubai. We had only just stepped out of the taxi before we were bombarded with offers to buy fake Rolex watches and replica handbags. Since it is illegal to sell replica goods in Dubai, all such affairs are handled down back streets in hidden shops.

We turned down the counterfeit Louis Vuitton bags and went looking for jewelry instead. The jewelry is sold by weight and the price is negotiable, so it’s a good idea to check up on the gold price in advance to avoid paying too much. We hadn’t done that, so we stuck to window shopping until our eyes got sore of all the shiny stuff.

Missed sight of the day: Poul spotted Chris Brown surrounded by a bunch of huge bodyguards in the Gold Souk. All I noticed was a small guy with lots of tattoos and some pretty hostile looking tall friends:)

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