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Dubai: Desert Safari and Dune Bashing

Dubai desert safari

In Dubai, the desert is right at your doorstep, but nonetheless, I only rarely venture further away than where the metro runs. When mom and dad were visiting, it was their 3rd time in Dubai and they hadn’t seen anything else than malls and Dubai Marina, so I figured it was about time to show them what’s beyond Sheikh Zayed Road.

I therefore booked a desert safari for the three of us, and Thursday morning, a big 4WD came and picked us up. We drove for around 40 minutes to the first stop: A camel farm. In the UAE, camels are raised for many purposes including milk, meat and racing.

A good racing camel is apparently worth lots of money. I spotted this acrobatic camel in one of the paddocks. The camel was trying to scratch himself (or herself??) behind the ear with his hoof, which looked really funny. It was only a short stop at the camel farm, but it was fun to get a closer look at these peculiar creatures.

After the camel farm, we drove for another 20 minutes to the gates of Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, which is an area created to ensure the protection of regional wildlife and bio-diversity.

The off-road driving (so-called dune-bashing) takes place on specific routes to minimize the impact of the area, and only 4 tour operators are currently allowed access to the premises. One of the operators is Arabian Adventures, and they were the ones, we went with.

Arabian Adventures are one of the biggest operators in Dubai, and they’re good, but when it comes to desert safaris and other trips of short duration, I think most of the operators down here offer approximately the same product. Arabian adventures are slightly more expensive than the rest, but the reason why we chose them, was that they were the only one, we could find, with desert tours in the morning.

Well inside the Desert Reserve, the real fun soon began. We were driving up and down the dunes at what felt like a never-ending rollercoaster ride, and it was hilarious. We were 5 passengers + the driver in the car, and luckily nobody was feeling sick, so the driver went all in, showing off his outstanding driving skills.

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