Dubai Mall and Salt

by Sanne
Dubai Mall, Salt Food truck

This weekend I’ve been in Sweden to celebrate Rikke’s birthday. Recently, Rikke and her boyfriend bought a house together, so the party was also a housewarming party, and we were more than 50 guests for dinner at their new place.

Last week Poul and I therefore drove down to Dubai Mall to find Rike a present. Dubai Mall is the world’s biggest mall, so finding a present shouldn’t be too much of a problem right? Though after 3 hours of intensive search, I still hadn’t found anything and Poul was getting hangry. We therefore decided to go for lunch before things got ugly. And guess what we found right next to the lake? The food truck Salt!

Food trucks have been the latest craze in Dubai for a while now, but usually, it has just been established restaurants adding a food truck branch to their operations. Salt is the real thing, or at least as real as it gets in Dubai. I sometimes drive all the way down to Kite Beach, just to have one of their awesome sliders.

You get 2 sliders for 30AED, which is fairly cheap for Dubai, but you don’t want to be without the fries with cheese, so that will be an additional 16AED. The sliders are similar to the ones you get at Shake Shack, but without the lettuce and tomatoes, so if you like that kind of burgers, Salt is definitely for you. The Salt truck in front of Burj Khalifa will only be there until Mid-December, but the staff told me that they planned to return in January on a more permanent basis.

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