Dubai: Good evening Deira!

by Sanne
Deira after dark, Dubai

Rush hour traffic in Dubai can be a real pain, so if you’re going to Deira from Dubai Marina, it’s often faster to take the metro than to go by car. Though even in Gold Class, it’s often so crowded that you’ll have to stand up most of the way, so usually I end up taking a taxi anyway.My plan was also to take a taxi for our pork BBQ dinner at Yuraku, but I could need a little exercise, so I changed my mind and took the metro instead.

It’s been a very long time since my last visit to Deira, but I really like the area. This is the unpolished version of Dubai, and a good reminder that the large majority in the city lead a perfectly happy life without Friday brunches, luxury cars and private beach clubs. The streets are full of people, who actually live in the area, not just tourists visiting. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a selfie stick in Deira, but it’s a great place to take photos of a less filtered, more authentic Dubai.

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