Dubai Blog: Lattes with LilOneoftheAshes

by Sanne
Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato

Considering my latest post, and my fear of ending up as latte mama, I must confess that the last couple of days, I’ve done nothing but enjoying the sweet Dubai life, including a disproportionate consumption of Frappuccinos.

The other day I met with C from LilOneOfTheAshes at Starbucks for the first time in months. Can’t believe how fast her little daughter is growing. You blink, and she has doubled in size! Poul landed from a long flight in the afternoon, and he had brought edible souvenirs (the best) in the shape of Japanese  Royce chocolate. Royce is the best chocolate in the world if you ask me, and lucky for Poul he had remembered that it’s the dark blue Nama, which we like the most:)

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