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Dubai: Celebrating Pia at Mr. Miyagi’s – Media One

by Sanne
Mr. Miyagi's, Media One, Dubai

A lot of things have happened at Media One hotel. DEK on 8 is now Coco (read my blog post about Coco here), and the former Crab Tavern has turned into a kitschy-cool Asian restaurant/bar, Mr. Miyagi’s, which was where we decided to go and celebrate Pia’s birthday. On Saturdays, the Lady’s Boy Night deal is 99 AED for 3 courses and all-you-can-drink for 2 hours. I don’t think it comes any better in Dubai. Well, maybe they’ve changed the deal after we been there, because we could drink a lot:)

We were a bit worried the set menu wouldn’t be enough, so we ordered pho, dynamite shrimp and papaya salad on the side. Turned out it wasn’t necessary, because even though the starters were more like snacks, the mains were of a very generous size. The pho was very good and came in a bowl the size of a kitchen sink. The dynamite shrimps were also delicious, but the portion was a bit to the tiny side. The papaya salad didn’t make any headlines. The dressing wasn’t balanced and lacked fish sauce, and I missed the tiny salty shrimps they add in Thailand.

At the end of the dinner, the staff came down to our table with ice cream mochi for Pia and one of the most enthusiastically performed birthday songs I’ve heard in a long time. Guys, you were great!

Later on, karaoke was on, and our table signed up for Empire State of Mind. I was JAY-Z while the rest of the girls took turns on being Alicia Keys. If you were there last Saturday, I can only apologize, if your ears still hurt, but gosh it was fun!

Mr. Miyagi’s, Media One Hotel, Media City, Dubai, tel: +971 (0)4 420 7489

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