Dubai: Ritz-Carlton Beach Club

by Sanne
Ritz-Carlton Beach Club, Dubai

My parents are visiting in Dubai this week, so today I took my mom to the beach club at Ritz-Carlton. Poul has this membership card through his job, which gives us access to a number of nice beach clubs in Dubai. For a small fee we can also get guest cards for visiting friends and family, which is such a nice feature, as beach club access can otherwise be very expensive. For a long time, the beach club at Ritz-Carlton has been one of our favorites. The hotel is only a short walk from where we live, and The Ritz is The Ritz, i.e. super nice.

Dubai has a flag system for the beaches so when it’s too dangerous to go swimming, the red flags will be up. Don’t even think about ignoring those flags, because the currents can be really strong, especially at JBR Beach. Today was one of those red flag days, so instead of swimming in the sea, we took a couple of rounds in the pool.

At lunch time, we had a chicken burger and a fruit plate, so the mayo in the photo below wasn’t for the watermelon, but for the fries, in case you wonder:)

PS: I’m wearing Poul’s Ray-Bans because he borrowed mine without permission AND managed to forget them in his friend’s car. So until they’re back, I’ll be using his sunglasses.

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