Dubai: Sunday is pancake day!

by Sanne

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Today I had LilOneOfTheAshes over for tea. My plan was to make buttermilk pancakes, but buttermilk was nowhere to be found at Waitrose, so I hit the cheat button and bought a pack of Hungry Jack pancake mix. The pancakes turned out quiet nice, even though they weren’t as fluffy as I would have wanted them to be.I served the pancakes with fresh berries and mascarpone whipped with vanilla and sugar. It didn’t take more than 20 minutes to prepare, so I’m considering serving the same when Haiya comes by later this week.

LilOneOfTheAshes now has a little baby daughter. She’s 100% top secret, just like her mom, so you’ll only see her from behind, but I can assure you she is adorable (and that’s big words coming from someone who’s not usually into babies).




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