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Dubai: Burj Khalifa – A view from the 124th Floor

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

When my parents and Trine were visiting Dubai, we went up in Burj Khalifa to enjoy the view. We had tickets to the 124th floor which is 450m up in the air. From that altitude, even tall skyscrapers looked like Lego buildings and the cars in the streets below were like tiny ants.

It was a bit hazy that day, so we could only see the silhouette of Burj Al Arab, and the buildings in Dubai Marina just looked like a blurry mass at the end of Sheikh Zayed Road, but the nearby buildings stood crystal clear. However, there’s a glass fence all the way around, so if you notice any strange shadows in the photos, it’s not a high-flying ghost, but just my reflection.

There are two kinds of tickets, and in spite of the name, Burj Khalifa At the Top, none of them takes you all the way to the top of the building. One is for admission to the 124th floor and one is for admission to the 148th floor. During daytime, the price is more than double to go to the 148th floor compared to the 124th floor. I’ve therefore only been to the 124th floor, because paying so much extra to go up another 24 floors just doesn’t seem worth it, but if any of you have been up there, please tell me about it.

In 2012 I was visiting Burj Khalifa with my friend Rieko. Dubai looked so different back then!

I have also been to an HTC event on the 112th floor in Burj Khalifa

Visit Burj Khalifa At The Top website

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