Dubai: Burj Khalifa VR style with HTC Vive Pro

by Sanne
View from Burj Khalifa Dubai

Wednesday, I was invited to the HTC Vive Pro launch. The event was held at the 112th floor in Burj Khalifa, so the new VR gadgets were competing with the marvelous view over the city for the visitors’ attention. Around sunset, the view won, and most people gathered outside on the open terrace to take photos, but before that, HTC Vive managed to showcase what’s going on at the VR forefront.  

I remember HTC from the early smartphone days, when HTC was competing head-to-head with Apple, positioning themselves as the techies’ phone of choice, but then what happened? The Vive Pro launch showed that they’ve definitely invested a lot in VR and the Vive VR system seems sophisticated and thought-out. I tried the Mission 828 game, which is a VR experience allowing you to VR climb Burj Khalifa, including a Tom Cruise-style jump from the top as the grand finale.

The VR headset was a snug fit and the experience so real that my head started spinning as I looked down and prepared myself to jump.

The Mission 828 experience will be available on the 124th & 125th floor in Burj Khalifa

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