The Sum Of Us – Cute cafe in Dubai

by Sanne
Eggs Florentine, The Sum Of Us, Dubai
Eggs Florentine

For more than a year (or two?), The Sum Of Us has been one of the big foodie magnets in Dubai, but the cafe is located in the Trade Centre area, which is lightyears away from my usual habitat, so it wasn’t until yesterday, that I finally made it down there.

I asked for a table outside, because even though it was windy, the temperature is just great right now, and I want to be outdoors as much as possible before the hot summer kicks in.

I had Eggs Florentine (similar to Eggs Benedict but with spinach), because to me, Hollandaise sauce and poached eggs is the ultimate test for cafes. If they get the Hollandaise right, they’ve won my heart.

The staff asked me how I wanted my eggs, and I said that I wanted the yolk runny, but not the white, and I was happy to see that I got exactly what I’ve asked for. The eggs were free range, and they came on top of a croissant instead of the usual English muffin, which I’ll be the last one to complain about, as I often find the muffins to be too heavy.

Everybody loves the French Toast at The Sum Of Us, so I also had to try it. I tell you, it was the meanest toast! It was loaded with banana, mascarpone and small peanut butter balls, and it didn’t just look good on Instagram, it also tasted delicious. The people behind The Sum Of Us are the same as the ones behind Tom & Serg and Common Grounds, which no doubt shines through in the menu, but why change a winning concept?

While I was at The Sum Of Us, I couldn’t help notice a girl in the corner, who spent about half an hour photographing her plate from all angles. At a point, she was even standing on her chair to get a better perspective, and I caught myself cringing on her behalf.  I know I’ve been just like her, and only a couple of years ago, I was the one climbing the chairs to get the best angle for my shots. Though nowadays,  I’ve decided to only allow myself 5 minutes to take photos, when I’m dining out, because more than that is rude. Not just to your fellow diners, but also to the chef who made the food, and who’d most likely want you to eat it, while it’s hot.

The Sum Of Us, Ground Floor  Burj al Salam, Trade Centre Area, Dubai, Tel: +971 56 445 7526

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