Dubai: Dim Sum at Long Teng

Long Teng, dim sum restaurant in Dubai

On Trine’s last night in Dubai, we went for dim sum at Long Teng. Long Teng is a really nice Chinese restaurant in Business Bay. I have been there a couple of years ago and I was deeply impressed with both food and service, but Business Bay was just too long away to make me a regular at Long Teng. Though that will change, because Meydan South is only about 20 minutes by car from Long Teng and from what could easily be the best dim sum in Dubai.

First we had a Hainan Chicken appetizer which was an elegant version of the Chinese classic, served with a delicious sauce, and then the cheung feung (Cantonese rice noodle rolls) made their entrance. I had previously tried the cheung feung with prawns (amazingly tasty!), but this time we also tried cheung feung with barbecue chicken, which was also delicious.

I’m a bit torn when it comes to turnip cake. All my Chinese friends claims that turnip cake is a must-order when going for dim sum, but I often find it bland, and rather dry. Though the turnip cake at Long Teng is easy to like, and the small chunks are juicy and delicious with just the right amount of XO-seasoning.

Another thing you have to order at Long Teng is the sticky rice dumplings shaped as small chickens, but be carefull not to burn your tongue when biting the heads off, as the filling is very hot.

We also had Crystal Shrimp Dumpling, which is another dim sum classic, but which Long Teng does exceptionally well. Long Teng is a seafood restaurant and at the entrance there are tanks with live lobsters and crabs. Personally I find that rather bizarre that the crustaceans can watch from the tanks how their friends end up on plates on the restaurant tables, but if you have traveled in Asia, you know that this is a common layout for seafood restaurants, so you can see that what you order is a fresh catch (straight out of the tank).

For dessert I had hoped that there was space for a round of the Creamy Egg Custard Buns, which look like little angry birds, and taste divine. Though by then, we were both so full, we had to get the buns to go, along with all the other leftovers. I was curious about what they would be like to reheat later, but they were still delicious after a short time in the microwave oven the following day.

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Mitzie Mee - Sanne

Mitzie Mee - Sanne

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Mitzie Mee - Sanne

Welcome to Mitzie Mee, a website about food, travel, beauty, and wellness.  

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