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Dubai: Dinner and drinks at Boca in DIFC

Boca in DIFC, Dubai

Boca is a really nice bar/restaurant in DIFC, and even though it has always been quite far from where live, it is one of my favorite places in Dubai. Boca is particularly popular for happy hour drinks and that was also what we first came for, when Pia and I were there a few weeks ago.

We started out with a glass of sparkling wine, but decided to order some food with our drinks. Boca’s olives are served on ice and I’m telling you, they’re out of this world. I have no idea what they do to them, but they are incredibly good, and one of the must-orders, if you visit Boca. If you like oysters, you’d also want to order the oysters from Dibba, which is a seaside city in Fujairah, located in the northeastern part of the U.A.E. The oysters are of the not-too-big, briny type that I really like, and they’re amazing with a glass of sparkling wine.

In addition to oysters and olives, we also had pissaladière (a kind of French pizza with caramelized onions and sardines), and a cheese platter, and the small dishes, together with the delicious bread, worked fine as dinner for two. You can also get main courses at Boca, but I prefer to order small dishes to share, so you get to try more than just one dish from the menu.

Boca has a strong focus on local ingredients and sustainability, without compromising on taste and quality, and they have done a great job, sourcing some of the best local ingredients. Food, drinks and service are always top notch, making Boca one of the very best places to start a night out in Dubai.

Boca, Gate Village 6, DIFC, Dubai



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