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Dubai: Dinner at 3 Fils at Jumeirah Fishing Harbour

by Sanne
Ceviche, 3 Fils, Jumeirah Fishing Harbour, Dubai

3 Fils is the restaurant that has been the talk of the town ever since it opened, but because they have this no-reservation policy (=expect looong lines), + it is a long drive from where we live, it was not until recently, I finally made it to the restaurant. Some of our oldest and dearest friends from our first years in Dubai were visiting again for the first time since they left the city, so I knew I had to come up with something better than Carluccio’s, and I suggested that we tried 3 Fils. Luckily, the wait was only about 30 minutes that night, which was manageable.

3 Fils is primarily known for their Japan-centered fusions, and all the food is served as small plates to share. I usually like that concept as it gives you the opportunity to try several different things, but I must admit that I struggled to hide my disappointment as the Tripple Cooked Chips we ordered turned out to be a sad-looking serving of six(!) potato wedges. Come on! Nobody eats only six potato wedges (or two, if you are three persons sharing as we were).

Otherwise, the meal was a smooth ride down the main road of not-so-unique, but definitely tasty, Japanese fusion dishes plus a few less ordinary encounters. I particularly liked the Asparagus Tempura, because eggs and asparagus together = yum. I also really liked the ceviche which was one of the specials that night, and the grilled octopus was a safe bet too.

The Spicy Beef Tartare was sister T’s favorite, and the Corn Waffle with Pulled Beef was easy to love. Unfortunately, the Volcano Roll looked like something running around at Yo Sushi, and the Indomie (noodle dish with beef chorizo asparagus and snow peas), which sounded good on paper, turned out to be a rather bland experience. The other noodle dish, the Sakura Ebi with dried shrimp, lobster oil and garlic was much much better.

The Karak Ice Cream dessert was quite a show with an ice cream cone getting smashed at the table. A must-order, just for the table performance. The Napoleon made a more discreet entry, but I really liked the mix of different textures and flavors.

Was it worth the drive? Yes, if not solely for the food, then for the nice surroundings.

Who should go? It’s a great place to take visitors, and if you live in Dubai, you’ll most certainly bump into someone you know, as 3 Fils seems to be very popular among the expats down here.

How much does it cost? We ordered what we felt like, and the final bill was just a bit more than 200AED per person. That is very reasonable for Dubai.

3 Fils do not serve alcohol, but there are many nice alcohol-free alternatives. Try the Lowlander Botanical Beer. The fruity flavor goes really well with most of the food on the menu.

3 Fils, Jumeirah Fishing Harbour, Dubai

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