Dubai: Dj Bliss – Shining Launch Party

by Sanne
DJ Bliss Shining Launch Party, Cirque Le Soir, Dubai

Monday, I was invited to the launch party of DJ Bliss’ new single ”Shining”. The party was held at the nightclub Cirque Le Soir, which is on the corner of the Fairmont Hotel. The doors at Cirque le Soir are not as tough as the doors at nearby Cavalli Club and on top of that, Cirque Le Soir also has a quirky, intimate feel, which the older, done-clubbing version of me actually prefers nowadays.

Most people in Dubai probably know DJ Bliss (his real name is Marwan) from TV and radio, as he has been hosting several shows through the years, but I don’t really watch TV and I only rarely listen to radio, so I primarily know him from his DJ performances.

While there’s no doubt he’s an excellent DJ, “Shining” makes it clear that he’s also a talented rapper. “Shining” also features Kuwaiti artist Daffy and the American rapper Mims. The song is really catchy and definitely the one of his tracks with the greatest hit potential so far. This is the kind of song you want to listen to (loud), while cruising down Sheikh Zayed Road.

I arrived rather late, but I made it just in time for DJ Bliss to give a short introductory speech, before he went on stage together with Daffy to give us “Shining”. It was an energetic and dedicated performance, a burst of Saturday night glitz to this otherwise lazy Monday evening.

If you’re curious about “Shining”, the song is available on iTunes and Tidal, or you can visit DJ Bliss’ Youtube channel here.

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