Dubai: Eating chicken feet at The Sky Korean restaurant

by Sanne

The other night, my friend Peter and I went for dinner at The Sky, which is a Korean restaurant inside Golden Tulip Hotel in Al Barsha. It’s a casual, but nice restaurant, and it’s not too far from Dubai Marina. Besides, it is one of Peter’s favorite Korean restaurants in Dubai.   

The owners are Korean, and the mother in the family takes great pride in teaching the chefs how to get that authentic Korean flavor which makes the food taste as it does in Korea.

The people dining at Sky are mostly Koreans, and the restaurant doesn’t advertise much, so if you don’t know it’s there, it’s not a place that you’ll accidentally stumble upon.

That night Peter’s friend was dining at The Sky with his wife, so we joined them at their table. We somehow got to talk about chicken feet, which is a popular snack in Korea. You remove the bone from the feet, and then you fry the chicken feet in a chili sauce which more often than not would be so hot that you’ll be gasping for air. Peter confessed that he had never had chicken feet and before we knew, his friend had ordered a portion so Peter could try it. Chicken feet are mostly cartilage, and the texture is a bit like rubber, but the sauce is delicious.

The Sky, Golden Tulip Hotel Al Barsha, Dubai

You can see what Peter thinks about chicken feet in the video below:

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