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Dubai EXPO: Sushiro – The restaurant at the Japan Pavilion

Dubai EXPO: Sushiro - The restaurant at the Japan Pavilion

One of the best things about EXPO is the great selection of restaurants in the country pavilions. Many of our friends were raving about Sushiro, which is the restaurant in the Japanese pavilion at EXPO, so yesterday we went out to try it. Sushiro is a kaiten sushi (conveyor belt sushi) restaurant, with small plates of sushi and other small dishes running around on the belt. If you see something tempting, you just grab the plate and eat it.

At Sushiro, you can also order directly from the menu, in case you get tired of waiting for your favorite plate to show up on the belt. The plates have different colors, and each color corresponds to a price. The most expensive ones are the black plates, which cost 25AED, but even though we ate until we could not squeeze down a single bite more, our bill was only around 350AED for both of us, which is really cheap for sushi in Dubai.

If you go to Sushiro, you should definitely try the o-toro/fatty tuna, which is the piece of the tuna with the most fat marbling. You rarely find that kind of tuna outside of Japan, and it is usually very expensive, but at Sushiro, one piece of o-toro nigiri was only 25AED. You can also go for the medium-fatty tuna, where you get 2 pieces for 25AED, which is also a very good deal.

Eating at Sushiro felt like being in Japan and the food was really good. In Japan, Kaiten sushi restaurants are casual places, but the quality of the fish at Sushiro was better than at many upscale sushi restaurants in Dubai, and there were many kinds of sushi to choose from. The ramen was also very nice, and if I had not been so full, I would have ordered one of their parfait desserts, which looked delicious. I wish EXPO was not so far from where we live, as I am already craving Sushiro sushi again.

Sushiro is one of the most popular restaurants at EXPO and we waited for 45 minutes to get a table, but when we left, we heard the staff say that the wait was over an hour. If you are planning to eat at Sushiro, it is therefore a good idea to arrive early.

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