Dubai: Favourite Choice – Khachapuri in JLT

by Sanne
Khachapuri, Favourite Choice, Eastern European and Russian restaurant, JLT, Dubai

I visited Atlanta a couple of years ago and I loved the city, so when an old university friend told me he was going to Georgia, I immediately started rambling about all the delicious food he should try. Peaches..Fried chicken and waffles.. it was not until I mentioned that I regretted that I didn’t go see the Coca Cola building that we realized we were not talking about the same Georgia. He meant Georgia, the country in Eastern Europe, while I was talking about Georgia, the U.S. state:)

Khachapuri is a traditional cheese bread from Georgia (the country), and one mouthwatering photo after another just kept popping up from a JLT restaurant called Favourite Choice. Now I would usually be skeptical towards any restaurant with a name like that, especially, when a closer look revealed that the place was serving “European food”. Though the khachapuri looked too good to ignore, so I decided to give it a try.

I’m happy that I did, because Favourite Choice turned out to be a really good choice for Eastern European food. The khachapuri was delicious, loaded with cheese and topped with a fried egg, and so heavy there is no way you would be able to finish it in one go. Especially not, if you got carried away and ordered a lot of other dishes, as I did:)

The vegetarian Borscht soup was tasty, and got even better topped with sour cream. Gotta love that bright red color too. I also had the Shuba salad, which is a colorful dish with layers of chopped pickled herring, beetroot and potatoes. The pickled herring is similar to the kind of herring that we eat in Denmark, and I really liked that dish.

I was curious about the piroshki, so I ordered a few just to try, but I ended up taking them home, as I was too full to even squeeze down a tiny bite. I reheated them later and had them with a cup of tea, perfect as an afternoon snack.

Favourite Choice, Ground Floor HDS Tower, Cluster F, JLT, Dubai

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