Dubai: Forever Rose and Fashion Afternoon Tea at Raffles

by Sanne
Fashion Afternoon Tea at Raffles Dubai

Yesterday I was invited to the launch of the new Fashion Afternoon Tea at Raffles. I went with friend A, but at the event, we also ran into several new and old faces. It was a very nice evening and the food was good too, and especially the scones deserve a mention. I know scones are supposed to be a little dry and crumbly, but I like them a lot better, when they’re more like Danish “boller”, that is, not too dry, just like the ones at Raffles.

The new afternoon tea at Raffles is in collaboration with Forever Rose. The roses surrounded by a special glass dome, which makes them last if not forever, then a lot longer than ordinary ones. I’ve seen the roses before and they’re beautiful, but where would you put them? No doubt that there’s something truly enticing about the roses, which will last up to 3 years in their protective dome, but I think they might be a bit too dramatic for the average light, soft natural-colored Scandinavian home? Though it’s only speculations, because the roses sell at $299 for the big ones (the Disney Bella Rose), and I’m quite sure I don’t know anyone who would buy me a rose at that that price anyway. And imagine how much chocolate you could get for the same amount, though it probably wouldn’t last for 3 years:)

Raffles is located inside a pyramid-shaped building, so I wonder if that’s where they got the inspiration for the golden, pyramid-shaped pastries, which were part of the afternoon tea menu. I had saved one to enjoy as the grand finale, but I managed to eat so much other food so when it was time for the pyramid pastry, I squeeze down a single bite more.

Some of the pastries were inside these beautiful golden bird cages. I’ve been looking for something like that for ages. Of course, just for decoration, because placing a live bird inside would be cruel, but what would you put inside? I could of course always fill the cage with macarons, but that wouldn’t be a lasting arrangement, unless the cage was properly locked and someone threw away the key.

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