Dubai: Friday night at Cavalli Club

by Sanne
Cavalli Club, Dubai

Friday is the big party night in Dubai, so when Line and Maria were here last weekend, we decided to go out and explore the city’s nightlife. Neither of us are much into clubbing anymore, but the nightclubs in Dubai are quite extraordinary and definitely worth a visit for a more glamorous kind of sightseeing.  

We started at Cavalli Club, which is one of the real classics in Dubai. I’m not sure for how long they’ve been going strong, but it’s still a very stylish place and a popular spot to go out. The decor is lavish in a very Dubai-ish way. You know the kind of surroundings that call for stilettos and expensive handbags. Many people go to JBR to see all the sports cars cruising by, but fashionistas should go to Cavalli Club to check out what might be the city’s highest concentration of designer bags.

In Dubai, there is a dress code for all nightclubs, and for the more upscale places, women are required to wear high heels. Even though the three of us met that requirement, there’s still no guarantee that you make it past the velvet ropes, and when the hostess said she wanted to inform us about something, we were all expecting her to tell us, that we weren’t on the list that night. However, it turned out she only wanted to invite us to Ladies’ Night on Sunday, would we be so kind to leave our email addresses?

Cavalli Club is also a restaurant so until midnight, people are still at the dining tables and it isn’t until later that the club really gets going. However, that didn’t stop Line, who was heading straight for the dancefloor, where she was dancing like nobody was watching. I wish I could do the same, but I really can’t dance and it takes both tequila shots and an extensive Jay-Z playlist before I’ll even consider getting my non-existing groove on. While the music was great at Cavalli Club, Jay-Z was nowhere to be found, so after an hour we decided to leave Cavalli Club behind and go and check out Cirque Le Soir around the corner.

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