Dubai: Fuchsia – Hip Thai food on Bay Square

by Sanne
Fuchsia, Thai restaurant Dubai

//Trine and I were invited to come and dine at Fuchsia and we did not pay for food and drinks//

Yesterday, Trine and I headed down to Business Bay to check out the Thai restaurant Fuchsia on Bay Square. I love Thai food, so it’s always exciting to see how new Thai restaurants in Dubai are doing. Fuchsia has been around for more than a year, so it’s not a brand new spot, but it’s quite far from where I live, which is why I haven’t been there before.

We had glass noodle salad, pad thai and a Thai Burger, but the kitchen also thought we should try the corn fritters and the chicken satay, and I’m glad that they insisted. Both were really nice snacks, and the sauces that came along were so good we asked to keep them at the table to have them with the other dishes.

I was curious to see how Fuchsia would handle the pad thai. When you have several different pad thai versions on your menu, and you claim that it’s one of your specialties, expectations are bound to be skyrocketing. Outside Thailand, I often find pad thais to be too soggy because of too much added liquid, but the pad thai at Fuchsia was no doubt legit. The same goes for the glass noodle salad, which tasted exactly like the ones you get in Bangkok. I was later told that the chefs at Fuchsia are from Thailand, which explains the authority with which the traditional Thai dishes were executed.

The Thai Burger is one of Fuchsia’s signature dishes, and I’ve seen it featured in Insta feeds all over Dubai, but I’m still not sure about the concept. The burger itself was really tasty, but the som tam (papaya salad), and thus the Thai aspect of the dish seemed a bit forced. I think the burger would have done absolutely fine without the som tam. Though one thing I wouldn’t have been without was the crispy sweet potato fries. They really should consider adding the fries (and the sriracha mayo) on its own, as a side dish on the menu. Maybe not very Thai, but so so good.

I almost forgot that we also had a sample of the har gow (prawn dumplings) at the end of the meal. Not completely sure what they were doing on the menu, but they were nice and tasty and welcome to stay:)

Even though there are also a few residential buildings, Business Bay is still primarily a business district and after dark, the restaurants at Bay Square are more or less deserted. It’s never fun to dine at an empty restaurant, especially, when it’s a nice place like Fuchsia, but the staff assured us that at lunch time, they’re always busy, and I have no reason not to take their word for it. Decent food at a price level that’s not too hard on the wallet and a menu which is broad enough to cater to the corporate crowd all makes Fuchsia a good choice for lunch if you’re in the area.

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