Dubai: Fümé with my parents

by Sanne
Fümé at Pier 7, Dubai Marina

I just came back from a visit to Denmark, and I brought my parents with me. They’ll be staying with us in Dubai for the next couple of weeks. Right now there’s a sand storm. It looks like fog, but when you’re outside, you realize that the air is full of dust and small grains of sand, which irritates the airways and eyes. My mom had really been looking forward to the beach, but these days the sun can’t find its way through all the dust, so instead my mom has been stuck indoors with her iPad and Candy Crush.

Yesterday evening we went to Fümé in Pier 7, and my parents really loved that place. We ordered lots of different dishes to share along with a bucket of Asahi beers. One of the specials ay Fümé last night was tuna tartare with seaweed crackers and wasabi cream. The cream actually tasted a bit like cream cheese, and the wasabi taste wasn’t very prominent to my dad’s great pleasure. This was his favorite dish that evening.

I’m not a big fan of chicken, and I only rarely order chicken dishes when dining out, but the chili/honey-marinated chicken at Fümé sounded promising. The marinade was just perfect. It was sweet and spicy and reminded me of Korean fried chicken. The beef brisket was served with lettuce leaves, so you could make your own wrappers with beef and kimchi. It was all really delicious!

I told my parents not to eat too much and keep room for dessert, but they didn’t listen, and ate so much they could hardly talk, so much to my regret, we had to skip dessert. Instead we decided to walk back home along JBR and stop for a cocktail at Trader Vic’s.

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