Dubai: Fümé with Foodie Friends

by Sanne
Portobello with ponzu sauce and garlic, Fume Dubai

Trusted Foodie Friend 1+2 both work in Dubai Marina, so Fümé was an obvious choice for our last lunch date. Fümé is flirting with a bunch of different cuisines. Sometimes it works out really well (I’ll never forget the Korean inspired beef brisket lettuce wraps, they were to die for!) while at other times, it comes out mildly disastrous (Thai beef salad, I’m looking at you).

This time, everything we had was really nice. That is, everything but the steak tartare. According to Trusted Foodie Friend No. 1 who ordered the dish, it was really, really bad, and the egg had a funny taste. Did I want a taste of it? Hmm..no thanks. So even though it looks great in the photo, we ended up sending it back to the kitchen.

Laksa is one of those dishes I always order when I’m too hungry for a salad but not hungry enough for a full main course. In Dubai, most laksa taste the same, and none of them taste truly authentic. Though through the years I’ve learned to appreciate Dubai-style laksa, and the one at Fümé is always a safe bet.

It was the first time I had the Portobello mushroom with garlic ponzu butter and it was delicious. It was made of that stuff which makes vegetarians jump for joy and non-vegetarians forget all about meat, and I really hope it’s here to stay. The salad and chicken wings were both crispy and tasty, and although the asparagus would have loved a pinch of salt, they also made it to the “will-order-it-again” list.

Good company calls for cocktails, and Trusted Foodie Friend 1 + 2 both claimed that there was no way around a round of Desert Donkeys. Fruity and very spicy: Hello, New Favorite Drink!

Fümé, Pier 7, Dubai Marina, Dubai