Dubai: Girls’ night out at Long’s Bar

by Sanne
Long's Bar, Dubai

Sometimes things do not go as planned, and as for yesterday night, it turned out a bit different than expected.
We started with a buffet dinner at the Dunes Cafe at Shangri-La,-so far, so good. For a small additional charge, even drinks (including alcoholic beverages) are included, so of course we went for that option. The free flowing gin and tonics, vodka and juice and red wine induced a gradual shift in our preferences from exclusive roof top bars to mainstream music and shots, so instead of heading back to Dubai Marina, we literally made a 180 degree turn and went to Rotana hotel and Long’s Bar instead.

As the name suggests, Long’s Bar has a very long bar. It also has a packed dance floor and quite inexpensive drinks, and most of all it reminded me of Motown Bar in Tokyo. The atmosphere was unpretentious and Christmas decorations just as tacky as the sign in the bar proclaiming that “ On Wednesdays, Cabin Crew gets a 50% discount”. In other words, Long’s Bar was the perfect place for an outrageously fun night out. It was Pia’s suggestion to go to Long’s bar, so she is the one to blame for all the blisters under my feet and my hoarse voice today.

Representatives from both genders were out hunting, and as the evening progressed, people found what they were looking for, and left the place. Though, it didn’t mater to us, since it meant more space in the bar for us and for our Baileys/coffee liquor shots. Apparently, the DJ had a weakness for Danish blondes, so he played all the songs Rikke requested (lots of Jay-Z). Even though I am a horrible dancer, I was wobbling back and forth while rapping the lyrics of “Ni ** as in Paris,” and it turned out to be enough to make my feet so sore that I already at half past one started to persuade the others to find a taxi.