Dubai: Milkcow (CLOSED) – Korean soft serve with everything

by Sanne
Milkcow, Korean soft serve, Dubai

Milkcow is now closed

Nothing beats a Danish ice cream cone, but they’re hard to find in Dubai, It’s almost a year since I first went to Milkcow, but I completely forgot about it, and it was only recently I remembered that of course I had to blog about Milkcow. You can never have too many great ice cream places, can you?  

It’s been almost a year since I first tried the soft serve at Milkcow, but it wasn’t until my recent trip to Seoul, that I remembered I still hadn’t blogged about it. And if it’s not on the blog, it didn’t happen. Ok, maybe not, but since one of the main reasons why I’m blogging, is that I want to share places like this with you, then I’d better get started.

Milkcow is a Korean soft serve chain, and when I was walking around in Gangnam, I spotted a Milkcow with a huge line out in front. In Dubai, I’ve never seen a line outside Milkcow, but it might be because the shop is located inside a residential building in the quiet end of JBR.

In Dubai, almost a year ago, I had a Mont Blanc, which is soft serve with crushed Oreos on top, apple syrup and candy floss. I also added extra honeycomb, because it’s delicious. Poul had a more plain-looking Affogato (soft serve with espresso), and while they were both nice in their own way, when you have the chance to go totally topping crazy, why not do it?

A plain portion of soft serve is 18 AED but the more jaw-dropping creations are 25-30 AED

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