Dubai: Hollandaise frustrations at Le Pain Quotidien

by Sanne
Le Pain Quotidien, Dubai Marina

Poul loves Le Pain Quotidien, which he btw. insists on calling Le Pain (“pain” pronounced as English “pain”), and for a long time the branch in Marina Mall has been our go-to place for brunch on weekends, and whenever we’re too lazy to cook a proper meal ourselves. When it comes to brunch, I’m an Eggs Benedict kind of girl, and even though I tell myself that “hey, this time, I’ll order a bowl of granola or a French toast, I’ll always change my mind last minute and have the Eggs Benedict after all.

Unfortunately, the Eggs Benedict at Le Pain Quotidien isn’t very good, and it’s all because of the sauce. There’s nothing better than poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, but at Le Pain Quotidien, they just haven’t got it right. The “sauce” is a strange mass without as much as a hint of white wine vinegar or lemon juice. It tastes like heated egg yolks or a savory kind of custard cream, which is such a shame, as the rest of the stuff on the plate is nice.

The first time I had Eggs Benedict at Le Pain Quotidien, I though the chef just had a bad day, but it turned out to be the same case the following times, so when we had brunch at Le Pain last weekend, I therefore mentioned it to one of the waiters. I told him that the hollandaise sauce at Le Pain wasn’t very good, and asked whether they would consider changing the recipe. I also gave them my suggestions regarding where to go for a killer hollandaise in Dubai (More Café, which is also in Marina Mall is just one of the places). The waiter told me to fill in a form with my details and my suggestions and promised me that they would get back to me soon.  Now it’s been almost 2 weeks and I still haven’t heard from them, but maybe Le Pain reads blogs?

I’ve only had Eggs Benedict at Le Pain in Dubai Marina, so I’m not sure whether the hollandaise sauce is just an issue at this particular branch or whether it’s a global phenomenon. Have any of you had the Eggs Benedict at Le Pain in other countries? How was the hollandaise sauce?

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Le Pain Quotidien, Dubai Marina Mall Level P, Dubai

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