Dubai: Iftar at Seven Sands with The Arab Culturalist

by Sanne
Baked lamb at Seven Sands, Emirati restaurant in Dubai

The other day, I was invited to iftar preview at Seven Sands, which is an Emirati restaurant over at The Beach JBR. Seven Sands frequently hosts different cultural events, aiming to spread the knowledge and understanding of the local culture, and during Ramadan, diners have the opportunity to book an iftar buffet hosted by The Arab Culturalist, Nasif Kayed.

His straight-forward way of communicating along with his awesome sense of humor is easy to love, and dinner with him is not only great entertainment, but also an excellent opportunity to ask all the things about the local culture and Islam that you might have wondered but never dared to ask before. According to The Arab Culturalist, the food at Seven Sands is like his mom would make it, so if you’re looking to try real Emirati food in nice surroundings, Seven Sands is a good place to start.

I have previously been to iftar buffet at Seven Sands and it is always a pleasure. The regional dishes are perfectly executed, including moutabel, smooth as velvet, and silky soft hummus. One of the dishes that I really like but that I always forget the name of is Harees. It’s a kind of mash made from meat, wheat and lots of butter. According to The Arab Culturalist, it probably has “around 10,000 calories” but this is one of the dishes that you don’t want to miss. Also remember to save some space for dessert, so you can try the date pudding and the luqaimat. Luqaimat is a sweet dumpling, which you eat sprinkled with syrup. It is a popular dessert down here, and so delicious, it is impossible just to have one.

Seven Sands, The Beach JBR, Dubai

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