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Dubai: Korean Beauty Salon – A Korean hair salon in Oud Metha

by Sanne
Korean Beauty Salon in Dubai

For my last haircut I decided to try Korean Beauty Salon in Oud Metha. Many of my Korean friends go to this place, which, in spite of the name, only do hair related beauty services. The five hair stylists at the salon are all Korean, and they all used to work at a renowned hair salon chain in Seoul.

When I stepped inside I was greeted warmly and was shown to one of the chairs assigned for hair wash. After the washing was done, I had a seat at another chair, and the stylist came over and asked what style I was after. I mentioned something about layers, volume, and easy to style, and the stylist showed me a bunch of images on her phone with Korean actors and popstars with different hair styles. I quickly found one I liked, and she started cutting.

The hair cut and the styling took about 30 minutes, and I was very happy with the result. Before I left, she mentioned, that if I wanted more volume, she would recommend a digital perm, which I remember seeing advertised everywhere last time I was in Korea. I had some rather traumatizing experiences with traditional perm when I was a teenager, and I have stayed away from anything perm or color ever since. Though apparently, digital perm is a completely different animal, so I might want to give it a try next time.

I completely forgot what I paid for my haircut, but I think it was around 130AED?

Korean Beauty Salon is located close to Gangnam which is a Korean restaurant popular among Korean expats.

According to my friends, Korean Beauty Salon is always busy, so it is recommended to book an appointment in advance.

Miyoshi is another Korean hair salon in Dubai, and it used to be my favorite, but in terms of service to non-Korean speakers and time dedicated to customers, I think I prefer Korean Beauty Salon. Though Miyoshi is a good option if you are in the Marina/Barsha/JLT area and craving a Korean hair cut. Miyoshi also offers other beauty services such as facials and mani +pedi.

Korean Beauty Salon, Oud Metha Road, Opposite Lamcy Plaza, Al Saleh Bin Building Shop No.8, Dubai

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