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Dubai: Korean dinner at Pia’s place

by Sanne
Korean dinner, take-out from Gangnam, Dubai

In Dubai, we are a group of Korean adoptees and ”real” Koreans who meet now and then to eat Korean food, and before I went back to Denmark, we managed to squeeze in a Korean dinner at Pia’s place.

Pia lives in a huge gated community and I can never find my way around (nor can the Uber drivers), so I arrived hangry and 30 minutes late. Though after seeing all the delicious food that was waiting for me, I forgot about hangry, and went into PacMan mode instead.

Shinae had ordered food from Gangnam, which is one of the newer Korean restaurants in Dubai, and which is popular among the Koreans in the city. We had pacheon (Korean pancake), japchae (glass noodles), Korean fried chicken, a beef soup and of course lots of kimchi. It was delicious and we all ate too much and crashed into food coma in the couch afterwards.

For dessert, we had a delicious coffee-flavored cake accompanied by Guns’n’Roses on repeat, and before we left, Shinae gave us each a goodie bag full of Korean snacks and sheet masks. So sweet of her! I am looking forward to taste everything and try the masks.

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