Dubai: Ladies’ Night again at The Observatory

by Sanne
Ladies' Night at The Observatory, Marriott Harbour, Dubai Marina

Shinae has moved to Dubai so I wanted to introduce her to the city’s famous Ladies Nights. A lot of bars and clubs have these nights for the ladies as a recurring event each week (usually on weekdays), when just being female entitles you to perks such as complimentary drinks and sometimes even food.

It was Monday evening, so I suggested that we went to The Observatory at Marriott Harbour in Dubai Marina. From a previous Ladies Night at The Observatory, I remembered the cocktails to be really good and the complimentary nibbles to be even better, so I was looking forward to show Shinae, what it was all about.

We came rather late, so there were only seats left in the smoking section. It was a busy night, and the waiters didn’t seem very interested in serving complimentary drinks and nibbles to the ladies, as they were busy serving paying customers. We had to ask both one, two and three times before the drinks started coming, which might be understandable, yet still annoying.

At Ladies Night at the Observatory, ladies get 3 complimentary drinks, but we only stayed for two, before we decided that we would have better service back in my apartment, so we left, and ended the night with Nespresso coffee and cheesecake instead.

The Observatory, Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel, Dubai Marina, Dubai

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