Dubai: Lululemon and Le Pain Quotidien

by Sanne
Le Pain Quotidien, Dubai Marina

Yesterday was my birthday and even though I was still on New York time, I somehow managed to wake up at 10. The weather is so nice in Dubai these days, so we walked over to Marina Mall to have breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien. Poul had granola parfait and I had the oatmeal with walnut, even though I was tempted to order the Eggs Benedict, just to see if the Hollandaise situation had changed (for further explanation, read this blog post).

I got a gift card to Lululemon from Poul, so after breakfast, I went to the Lululemon store to shop for yoga clothes. Down here, the Lululemon brand isn’t very known, but in NYC it’s huge, and at any yoga class at Equinox, you’ll see that 90%-100% are wearing Lululemon. Yes, it’s that bad. Lululemon could easily be the unofficial Equinox uniform. For the same reason, I had deliberately avoided getting some Lululemon myself, because even though the clothes are super nice, it’s not that fun to wear what everybody else is wearing. Though apparently Poul had interpreted my anthropological observations as a hidden desire to get my own $150 yoga pants, and stuck with a non-refundable gift card, I had no choice. Turned out there was a big sale in the store too, so I ended up with so much Lululemon that I’ll never have to wear my old Nike top and sweatpants again.