Dubai: Lunch at Carine with Pia

by Sanne
Beetroot salad at Carine, Emirates Golf Club, Dubai

Last week, Pia and I met for lunch at Carine, which is the French restaurant at Emirates Golf Club. It’s a really nice restaurant with delicious food and friendly staff, but for some reason, they don’t have a separate lunch menu, or any lunch offers, which is actually a bit strange considering that the place would be perfect for a business lunch.

Their dinner mains are pricey, but the starters and small dishes are less expensive and quite generously sized, so if you go there for lunch, I suggest that you skip the mains and order a handful of starters to share instead.

One of the starters I really like is Carine’s Harissa Prawns. They taste a bit like the garlic prawns, Gambas al Ajillo, that you get in Spain, but the harissa seasoning adds a new, super tasty dimension. The prawns are served in the oil they are cooked in, and that oil is packed with flavor, perfect for dipping bread in.

Pia is the first friend I made in Dubai and I really appreciate our friendship. We met through our blogs and it did not take long before Pia invited Poul and me over for a barbecue night. Back then Pia and her husband F resided out in Al Waha, which is a villa compound outside of the city. It was really hard to find her place as the villa area was not yet on GoogleMaps or the GPS we had in our car, so we took many wrong turns and ended up being several hours late, but it was all forgiven and here we are, 7 years later, having lunch and talking about trips we want to take together:)

Carine, Emirates Golf Club, Dubai

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